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Learn from the best in our purpose built HV training facilities.

Electrical Safety Training

Our course participants have the unique opportunity to learn in a live HV substation that has been modified by our experts to ensure safety and maximise learning.

H&MV Training Academies are staffed with experienced senior trainers from varying industries, offering their extensive expertise to engineers and operators. 

High Voltage Switching & Operations Course

High Voltage Switching & Operations Course

Assured by City & Guilds

The purpose of this 5 day course is to equip personnel working, or associated with, high voltage systems, with the knowledge they require to carry out their functions in a safe and competent manner. The course is applicable to both those carrying out high voltage operations, be that switching, installation or maintenance works, and persons who deal with these systems from a managerial or supervisory perspective.

The course offers a structured approach to high voltage training, in that all relevant aspects of the subject area are addressed in detail and followed by practical exercises. It will provide participants with a solid foundation in both the theoretical and practical aspects of the operation of high voltage systems and equipment. This course is also registered with Engineers Ireland for CPD points.

Modules Include:

Substation Access & Awareness

Assured by City & Guilds

Candidates for this 1 day programme should be seeking an awareness of substations or working in a high voltage substation environment, but not conducting any electrical work.

This course aims to:

Provide candidates with the required knowledge and level of awareness to work in a live substation.

Educate candidates with the ability and knowledge to identify hazards and dangers associated with high voltage.

State the responsibility of the employer and employee under the Safety, Health and Welfare Act 2005 relevant to the safe operation of high voltage equipment and systems.

Identify the minimum Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required when working in the vicinity of high voltage equipment.

We also offer to work in tandem with your company in creating a bespoke training solution for your requirements