Our People, Our Planet & Our Purpose

ESG is ME, it is all of us and we all play vital roles in protecting our people, our planet and our purpose. #ESGisMe


Stewardship and Compliance

At H&MV Engineering, we are committed to operating at the highest level of environmental compliance, and encouraging innovation to improve our environmental practices. We also endeavour to continuously reducing our carbon footprint, with the ultimate aim to be Net zero by 2045.

H&MV is committed to providing the necessary resources and appropriate training for our employees which allows our employees to carry out their duties in a safe and environmentally-responsible manner. Our environmental policies and procedures are brought to the attention of all H&MV staff and play a key role in day-today activities. We are dedicated to protecting the environment by idnetifying and governing the significant positive environmental impacts of our ESG objectives.

Our ESG objectives aim to protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

This includes:

  1. Waste reduction and circular economy initiatives.
  2. Innovative green construction methods.
  3. Enhancing biodiversity on our sites and global regions whilst educating our global workforce and local communities.
  4. Focusing on methods of sustainable design and implementing industry-first carbon reduction measures.
  5. Selecting the best suppliers and educating our supply chain & subcontractors on sustainability and sustainable practices.
  6. Reducing the carbon footprint of our supply chain.


Responsibility and Impact

H&MV Engineering is committed to creating a positive impact on communities and our global workforce through initiatives focused on community engagement, diversity, inclusion, and fair labor. We prioritize social responsibility, diversity, and inclusion, aiming to foster a supportive environment and enhance community well-being.

Our ESG goals concentrate on improving community and workforce well-being by:

  • Ensuring workforce and supply chain safety.
  • Supporting skill development through charity work and educational programs.
  • Encouraging a diverse and inclusive workplace culture.
  • Maintaining human rights and fair labor practices.

Our dedication to these values is vital for our sustainability and success, aiming for beneficial outcomes for both our employees and the communities we engage with.


Ethics & Compliance

At H&MV Engineering, we emphasise robust governance practices which includes prioritising accountability, transparency and overall alignment with our values and goals. Governance at H&MV Engineering is steered by our Board of Directors, as well as our ESG committee.  Our ESG committee consists of experienced leaders across various departments within H&MV, and are responsible for aligning initiatives with H&MV’s overall strategy. Together, they focus on organisational performance, strategic direction, risk management, and sustainability. Our ESG Committee addresses ESG matters, aligning initiatives with H&MV’s overall strategy. Our governance culture promotes adaptability, resilience, and ethics, enhancing decision-making and corporate integrity. Training and education are key to our model, ensuring compliance with ethical standards. We rigorously manage risks, integrating ESG considerations and emerging threats into our strategies for comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation

Net Zero by 2045

Zero waste to landfill by 2026

Decarbonise fleet by 2032

1,000 acres of biodiversity restoration by 2040

Decarbonisation of Supply Chain by 2045

NET ZERO by 2045


#ESG is me

Enabling Sustainable Development

In pursuing net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045, H&MV Engineering has taken novel approaches to ESG/sustainability.

As the enabler of renewable energy, H&MV has connected 5GW of renewable energy onto electricity grids internationally.

The transition to green energy and the mentality of sustainability adaptation are at our core.

H&MV believe that environmental, social and governance issues do not exist in a silo.

ESG is about bringing them together under one banner to demonstrate the positive impact we can have on the world.

For this, we have adopted the slogan #ESG IS ME, showing that everyone in the company, irrespective of their role, level, or location, ESG is part of what they do in their day-to-day jobs/lives.