Northvolt ES2 145/33 kV Substation

Location: Sweden

Client Challenges

The client required a competent strategic delivery partner to provide the integrated design and construction of the ES2 building, expanding their battery manufacturing facility in Skellefteå, Sweden, from 16 GWh to 61 GWh.

H&MV's Solution

  • A new double circuit 850 metre of 145 kV underground cables coming from existing ES3 transmission substation to the new NorthvoltES2 substation. ​
  • Installation of a new 145/33 kV substation (ES2) at the NV1 plant. ​
  • The new 145/33 kV substation will contain three 120 MVA transformers, which will feed all NV1 second phase loads via a 33 kV indoor double busbar switchboard.​
  • H&MV were responsible for issuing the Integrated Test Plans (ITPs), construction management plans, quality plans, and the safety management plan. H&MV Engineering also managed the safety and risk management throughout the project lifecycle and produced a complete set of electrical and civil as-built drawings and handover file.
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