110 kV AIS Substation

Location: Ireland

Client Challenges

The client required a grid connection at 110 kV. Confidentiality and speed of connection were a priority for the data centre developer. H&MV assisted the client in planning and liaised between the utility and local municipal.

H&MV's Solution

  • H&MV Engineering was responsible for the project management, civil & electrical design and build of the 110/20 kV AIS substation and the installation, termination and commissioning of 110 kV power cable
  • H&MV commissioned over 120 cubicles of MV switchgear – ABB Unigear, Schneider PIX and RMU’s, and provided the client with a suitable 20 kV revenue metering class CT and VT for metering requirements
  • Station Control System design and commissioning to provide SCADA control of all HV and LV equipment within the substation and secondary protection systems design and installation in line with DNO contestable design standards.
  • H&MV assisted with the utility engagement for the project’s planning and application process.
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