220 kV GIS​ Substation

Location: Ireland

Client Challenges

Connection of 267 MVA Data Centre to the Transmission System at 220 kV.

Detailed Design required for the EirGrid substation and double 220 kV cable circuit route through 3rd party lands.

SID planning application for EirGrid 220 kV substation and cable.

H&MV's Solution

  • The Design and Build scope included Project Management, installation and Commissioning of a new contestable 220 kV GIS Substation. Detailed primary and secondary design of the 12 bay 220 kV GIS substation and compound for the grid connection, in line with EirGrid’s functional requirements and design standards.
  • Planning and feasibility studies of the 220 kV substation and underground cable route for SID application.
  • Design and installation of the optical fibre and 220 kV underground cable route through 3rd party lands.
  • Commissioned 8 no. 20 kV panels of ABB Unigear switchgear with comms 600 controllability.
  • Design and installation of spare 20 kV bays to allow for future proofing of Data Centre expansion.
  • Produce a complete set of civil and electrical as-built drawings and a Safety Handover file.
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