22 kV Data Centre Cluster

Location: Sweden

Client Challenges

The client required a network connection at 22 kV across three data centres in Stockholm. Confidentiality and speed of connection were top priorities for the client, as were communication and liaison with the utility and local municipality.

H&MV's Solution

  • H&MV Engineering project managed the design and build of each 22 kV data centre substations, from project application to the full specialised data centre commissioning 20 cubicles of 22 kV switchgear on each site, including integrated systems testing.
  • Station control system design and commissioning to provide SCADA control of all HV and LV equipment within the substations.
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) of all HV equipment provided the client with a suitable metering class CT and VT for metering requirements. H&MV Engineering was responsible for risk management and issuing the Integrated Test Plans (ITPs), construction and quality plans, and safety management plans.
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